LibreELEC is a lightweight ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution purpose-built for Kodi on current and popular mediacentre hardware.


For regular user and general development support please use our community forum. We have an active and vibrant community that will help you to solve issues and the forum is divided into several high-level topic areas to help you find answers and post questions. To contact the LibreELEC team for any other non-support reason please send email to contact@libreelec.tv.


LibreELEC is free and Open Source software. This means you are free to clone, use and adapt our software with no licensing fee — as long as you respect the terms of the GPLv2 license. In broad terms the GPLv2 obliges you to provide on request the full sources of what you distribute. This means the sources of all packages that are part of the LibreELEC image including original LibreELEC software, Kodi and all changes/adaptions made to create your own version. To aid compliance it is recommended that you use GitHub to clone LibreELEC sources to your own GitHub repository and then push all changes you make back to the same public repository. This ensures the chain of authorship on code is visible. It also makes upstreaming of fixes and improvements to our main repository easier. As LibreELEC contains original Kodi software you are also subject to terms and conditions of Kodi trademarked items (i.e. the Kodi name and visual marks) contained therein. The Kodi foundation has strict rules on modification — please understand them.


To fulfil our long-term project vision the LibreELEC team needs your help. Please have a look at our Contribute and Sponsor pages to see how you can assist!