LibreELEC software is free but running the project is not, so we raise funds via public donations and sales of project logo themed merchandise.


Our recurring expenses are hosting for downloads and build servers, and annual domain fees. We also encourage project staff and some regular contributors to expense test hardware when we can’t source it for free. We also extend this support to contributors of several downstream and related projects in our ecosystem who collaborate with us, as their testing and efforts often improve things we depend upon.


We accept donations through OpenCollective which helps us to manage funds transparently and provide visible recognition to our personal and corporate supporters. Personal donors can request a tag for their forum account by sending an email to our contact@domain address with the details. If you have a repeating donation to our legacy PayPal account we would love you to switch over to OpenCollective.

Please send donations to our Open Collective account or use the button below.



The project sells project logo themed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, etc. from our TeeSpring Merch store with profits contributing to the project.