The heart of an Open Source Software project are the contributors who dedicate time, love and attention to its cause. LibreELEC is structured with a project board to guide executive decisions and manage finances, and a number of long-term team members who keep project infrastructure running and manage our community of developers and users. Our team also contains many individual and community contributors who don’t declare a direct affiliation to the project, but actively collaborate, support, and work with us on specific activities.


If you figured out the fix for a bug or would like to submit code for a new feature or package that enhances LibreELEC please submit a pull-request (PR) with the changes on GitHub. We promise to review and give feedback on your submission quickly. We don’t accept everything that’s submitted to our core codebase, but if we refuse a change we’ll always be clear on why in a friendly manner and help you figure out another way to publish something, e.g. your own community release.


Our project has global reach so project created add-ons and our USB/SD creator app need to be localised into many languages. Translations are managed using Transifex, with changes periodically synchronised to the code repository on GitHub. See:


Sharing your own expertise and experience is a great way to contribute to the project. Register an account in our community forum and start helping other users resolve their issues. Register an account on our wiki and submit changes to pages to keep information fresh and current, and create new pages to increase the depth of knowledge available.


It’s a big world and word of mouth is a powerful recruitment tool for the project. We both know LibreELEC is great but friends and family need educating! .. so please share project updates to your tribe on social media and help raise our profile.


The project runs on public donations so you can help out by making a direct donation or buying project related merchandise that kick-back a percentage to the project.