The heart of an Open Source Software project are the contributors who dedicate time, love and attention to its cause. LibreELEC is structured with a project board to guide executive decisions and manage finances, and a number of official team members who keep infrastructure running and supervise forums. Our team also contains many individual and community contributors who don’t declare a direct affiliation to the project, but actively collaborate, support, and work with us on specific activities.


Can I Join The Team?

Sure! – We’d love to hear from people with experience in:

  • Social media, to help run our Twitter, Facebook, and Website presences.
  • PR and Marketing, to guide our public interactions.
  • Webmasters, to keep infrastructure running smoothly and securely.
  • Developers, to craft new user-facing and back-office LibreELEC features.
  • Project Managers, to keep our minds and mojo focused.
  • Legal Experts, to guide our non-profit charity/foundation ambitions.

To get involved with the LibreELEC project please send a brief description of your interests and expertise to [email protected].


Can I Collaborate?

Absolutely! – The LibreELEC team use Slack as our main collaboration tool. If you are creating your own LibreELEC community build, LibreELEC related add-ons, or are working on a project that uses LibreELEC as it’s JeOS base; we’d love you collaborate directly as we’re passionate about building and sustaining the community and ecosystem around the project. If you’d like an invite to Slack, please PM one of the project staff via the forums.


Can I Contribute Code?

Yes please! – If you figured out the fix for a bug or would like to submit code for a new feature or package that enhances LibreELEC please submit a pull-request (PR) with the patch on GitHub. We promise to review and give feedback on your submission quickly. We won’t accept everything that’s submitted to our core codebase, but if we refuse we’ll always help you figure out another way to publish something, e.g. your own community build.