Let's rock this gig!

Posted by LibreELEC on March 24, 2016 · 2 mins read

On forums and social media channels there has been speculation about why we forked, so to avoid calling names we will explain things though a rock-band analogy:

The fork is due to ”creative differences” among long-term band members. The founding member and original creative force for the band was the drummer, the guy responsible for keeping time and setting the rhythm. For a few years the band made great music, other band members started to contribute their own songs, and the band gained many fans. Over the last 18-months as the band released platinum albums and achieved super-group status the drummer started to turn up late for concerts, and when on-stage he kept playing experimental jazz drum solos when the rest of the band simply wanted to rock together. The band spent many months trying to persuade the drummer to attend rehab and jam with the team again, but the drummer completely ignored the band and kept playing solos (occasionally muttering that the band had always been about his solos) so in the end there was a private discussion and vote. As the band members couldn’t fire the drummer (as he founded the band and controlled all its instruments) they elected to quit and form a new band.

So there are now two entities; a solo artist and a new band. The solo artist is a highly skilled drummer with musical contacts and a few groupies, so over time he might form another band again. Meanwhile the new band has enlarged itself to become a musical collective of 30+ people. There are now multiple drummers to keep the band in-time and they are experimenting with a new style of music.

The new band is currently in the studio working on a new album to be released on a new independent record label. They are not in a rush to release the album as they believe in getting the mastering right before previewing their album to critics. It’s a fun and creative time and the new band are enjoying themselves - mojos have been rediscovered. In parallel the drummer has released a solo album based on the bands last sessions, but rearranged at the last minute to include his experimental solos. His former band members still remember good times. Some of the band may even be seen doing occasional guest-appearances and collaborations with him. They wish him well and positive reviews.

So, creative differences. That’s all.

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