Beta Plan B

Posted by LibreELEC on April 17, 2016 · 1 min read

Two things. First, the Beta 1 ‘canary’ period found some video issues for pi users that are easily fixed with an update to the RPi patch we apply to Kodi, and 65% of LibreELEC users have a Raspberry Pi. Second, within hours of writing we’re planning a 7.0.0 final build once Kodi team release 16.1 final, Kodi folks submitted a request to tag 16.1 final, which means we’re likely to see it released in the next 24-hours this weekend (updated 19/4).

Having weighed up the desire to hold our promise to you of releasing 7.0.0 after 16.1 against the promise we made to ourselves that we’d always run a decent beta period and test fixes before release; we chose the responsible option. So instead of pushing Beta 1 via auto-update tomorrow morning we’re going to pause, fix the pi issues, update to 16.1 final, then build Beta 2 images for release Tuesday-Wednesday depending on your timezone. Beta 1 will remain available as a manual download during this time as the issues we found only affect a minority of pi users.

So that’s the plan. Until the next plan. Apologies for the confusion.

LibreELEC team :)

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