WeTek Play and WeTek OpenELEC


The WeTek Play ships with Android installed to NAND memory. The WeTek OpenELEC ships with OpenELEC installed to NAND memory. If you do not want to replace the original OS use the links above to create a bootable SD card using our simple app for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Latest Release and Manual Update for LibreELEC (.img.gz)

To update an existing LibreELEC installation transfer the manual update file over to /storage/.update/ or the “Updates” samba share before rebooting to start the update process. This file can also be used to create SD cards using other SD card writing apps:

LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.2.5.img.gz (info)

The following YouTube video shows how to connect to samba shares:

WeTek Play new NAND install (.zip)

LibreELEC can be installed to the WeTek Play internal NAND memory using the recovery boot process to overwrite the original shipping OS (Android). Download the NAND install zip file, unzip it, and copy the files inside over to the root folder of a FAT32 formatted SD card. Power off the WeTek Play and insert the SD card, then Power on while holding the reset button on the toothpick sized hole on the side panel of the device in for 7-8 seconds until LibreELEC installation starts:

LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.2.5.zip (info)

Manual Update / Migration from OpenELEC (.tar)

Migrating from OpenELEC is simple and takes a few minutes. Download the manual update file and copy/paste the .tar file to the “Updates” samba share on your device, then reboot. There is no need to unpack the .tar file first.

LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.2.5.tar (info)

The following YouTube video shows the migration process: