FiveNinja’s Slice

The original SliceOS based on OpenELEC runs from internal 4GB eMMC storage on the Compute Module and devices with a 1st generation CM card have the Raspberry Pi foundation “noobs” software installed to handle updates. The normal “OpenELEC to LibreELEC” migration process can be followed, leaving noobs intact but redundant (as we provide updates from our own servers) or you can re-image the internal eMMC to remove noobs and free up a small amount more space. Users replacing the original CM(1) card with the newer CM3 version based on Raspberry Pi 3 hardware must image LibreELEC to the new card.

Flashing LibreELEC to internal eMMC storage (CM1 or CM3)

Follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi foundation website to mount the Compute Module eMMC storage to a Windows or Linux computer. Now use the LibreELEC USB/SD creator application to write the appropriate Slice (CM1) or Slice (CM3) image to the mounted eMMC storage which is listed as a removable storage device. If SliceOS is installed to a CM1 card this will permanently overwrite (erase) the existing installation.

Manual Update for LibreELEC (CM1 or CM3) or Migration from SliceOS (.tar)

Copy the manual update .tar file to /storage/.update/ or the “Updates” samba share before rebooting the Slice box to start the update process. Please pay attention and download the correct file!

CM1 cards: LibreELEC-Slice.arm-8.2.3.tar (info)

CM3 cards: LibreELEC-Slice3.arm-8.2.3.tar (info)

The following YouTube video shows how to connect to samba shares: