Board Election 2018 (results)

Posted by LibreELEC on April 22, 2018 · 1 min read

Team voting has concluded and the following nominees are elected to the project board:

  • cvh is our forum admin and resident DVB/Tvheadend expert
  • davu is a forum super-moderator and enthusiastic bug hunter
  • lrusak has been the project technical lead over the last two years
  • milhouse is well known for his bleeding edge community test images
  • xe is our IRC channel admin and a FOSS advocate

In statistics: 22/22 team members cast their vote. 1/5 of the board are Canadian, 2/5 are German, 2/5 are from the UK. 3/5 board members are also Team Kodi members. 4/5 board members come from the original group that forked from OpenELEC. 5/5 board members have contributed something to our GitHub repo. 3/5 board members (cvh, lrusak, milhouse) will serve a 24-month term while 2/5 board members (davu, xe) will serve a 12-month term.

Thanks to all team members for voting (and agreeing to be team-members) and congratulations! to our new board members :)