Thanks DigitalOcean !

Posted by LibreELEC on March 25, 2018 · 2 mins read

LibreELEC started out in March 2016 with a single combined website/forum/update/release server which was simple and dirt-cheap to run, but we quickly outgrew it, and to be frugal with limited funds our services were dispersed over several cloud providers and team-members who could host from home.

Over the next year having servers in many different places became complicated to manage so we started to look for a long-term hosting partner. Digital Ocean were one of the names on our short-list, and after we approached them to explain our needs and sparse (user funded) budget, they responded with a generous offer of 12-months hosting credit.

That 12-month period has now expired, and from tonight we are responsible for hosting fees again. Spending $0.00 over the last year has enabled us to experiment with hosting configurations as we migrated a number of servers and services back into a common platform and learned what we need to secure, manage and run the infrastructure of the project. It also created financial breathing-space; allowing us to start on some other project objectives earlier, and our funding horizon extended from a few months to something more distant.

For this valued contribution to our project. Digital Ocean, we thank you!

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