LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.1 MR

LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.1 MR is available bringing Kodi v17.1, hardware support for the Raspberry Pi Zero W, improved software HEVC decoding on RPi3/CM3 hardware, driver support for Fe Pi audio cards, and support for Cirrus Logic DAC audio cards (thanks to @HiassofT). The bump to Kodi v17.1 resolves several upgrade and user-experience issues we have seen with the initial Kodi v17.0 release, and happiness is enhanced for users wearing an official LibreELEC tee-shirt or hoodie.

Changes since 8.0.0 include:

  • Fix missing support for lirc_xbox driver
  • Fix gpio-ir-recv issues on iMX6
  • Fix (experimental) to correct audio delay issues when using Bluetooth speakers
  • Fix filesystem resize script error with parted
  • Update to Kodi 17.1
  • Update to Linux 4.9.13 on Generic and RPi/RPi2 builds
  • Update to Linux 3.14 kernel used on Amlogic aarch64 projects
  • Update to RPi backports patch with HEVC improvements on RPi3/CM3
  • Add support for configurable CEC button repeat settings on all build projects
  • Add hardware support for Cirrus Logic RPi/RPi2 DAC boards
  • Add hardware support for Fe Pi audio boards
  • Add hardware support for Raspberry Pi Zero W

See detailed changes on GitHub

KODI 17.1

Kodi 17.1 resolves a bug that caused reports of Kodi hanging on the “Migrating add-ons database” splash screen. It also restores list caching to mitigate reports of the Krypton GUI being “slow” compared to Jarvis. The lack of caching was noticeable in streaming add-ons like YouTube that use multi-page lists of search results. Further information on 17.1 changes can be seen in the Kodi 17.1 release notes.


Raspberry Pi and Slice now default to “bob” de-interlacing to avoid reports of corrupted video seen with some DVB dongles. Advanced de-interlacing works great with the majority of devices, but Bob provides a safe default that works everywhere to avoid support cases.


To avoid issues when Jarvis users update with unsupported ADSP add-ons v8.0.1 hides the ADSP configuration options in the GUI and disables support in code. ADSP add-ons and functions are expected to be part of the Kodi v18.0 (Leia) release.


Chromebox users with older devices/installs are advised to update the firmware before updating to LibreELEC 8.0 builds as this assures compatibility with newer Intel drivers. Older Chromebox firmwares may leave you with a black screen and cursor after updating. Please go to to download the update tools and read instructions for updating Chromebox firmware.


Development on LibreELEC 7.0 and Kodi Jarvis has ceased. If you experience an issue on LibreELEC 7.0.x please update to 8.0.1 and re-test before reporting the problem.


LibreELEC operates a 24-hour ‘canary’ period between files being posted for download and the release being available via auto-update. During this time LibreELEC 8.0 Alpha or Beta preview and 7.0.3 users can use the LibreELEC settings add-on to update manually from within the Kodi GUI. To update from older LibreELEC 7.0 releases (e.g. 7.0.2) or OpenELEC use the .tar file below.

New installations using the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator app

LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Linux-32bit.bin (info)
LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Linux-64bit.bin (info)
LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.macOS.dmg (info)
LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32.exe (info)

New installation using 3rd party USB or SD writer apps (.img.gz)

LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-RPi.arm-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-imx6.arm-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Core.arm-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.aarch64-8.0.1.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play_2.aarch64-8.0.1.img.gz (info)

New Install to WeTek internal NAND (.zip) (info) (info) (info) (info)

Manual Update from LibreELEC 7.0 or OpenELEC (.tar)

LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-RPi.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-imx6.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Core.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play_2.arm-8.0.1.tar (info)

71 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great news from early morning 🙂 Can you please explain how to switch ON software HEVC decoding on RPi3? Thanks in advance!

    • Lee Wilson says:

      It’s on as default since it’s software decoding

    • Woody says:

      It’s just on by default, aided by the power of VPU/QPU acceleration.

      1080p HEVC barring only the higher bitrate files works superbly now.

  2. Dominique Simon says:

    Thanks! The included nvidia drivers were problematic for some legacy hardware users with LE 8 (freeze upon suspend)
    Which nvidia drivers are included with this release?

  3. Åskar Andersson says:

    What does MR mean?

    • chewitt says:

      Maintenance Release

    • Tepp says:

      Magnetic Resonance? – No
      Mauritania? – No
      Mental Retardation? – Hmmm … no 🙂
      Mitral Regurgitation (whatever it means)? – Hope, no!
      Marginal Revenue? – No, it’s free!
      Memory Recall? – Maybe :), but no.
      Most Righteous? – Possibly!
      Master Reset? – Hmmm …
      Milk Run? – OK!
      Middle Relief? – For some, yes! … 🙂
      Medical Rescue? – Possibly!
      Management Result? – Good one!
      Make Replacement? – Why not?
      Mitsubishi Racing? – No.
      Men’s Rest room? – Ha!
      Magic Return? – Great!
      Miscellaneous Remedies? – Maybe.
      Mud Runner? – No

      Maintenance Release? – Of course !!!

  4. Blake Lively says:

    Milestone Release.

  5. ztarbugz says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great news from early morning 🙂 Can you please explain is the “bob-deinterlacing” is only for the older Pis, or also for Pi2 / Pi3? For interlaced content I should switch to advance in my preferences? Thanks in advance!

    • chewitt says:

      A small number of DVB devices do not work nicely (crashes and hangs) using advanced deinterlace. The majority of devices are fine. If advanced de-interlace works reliably on your device, please use it. If it does not work, don’t use it.

  6. Tandric says:

    The “See detailed changes on GitHub” is not working due to missing “8.0.1” tag on GitHub.

  7. infoalter says:

    Many thanks for all your work guys!

    “See detailed changes on GitHub” << Please update the link 😉

  8. Danmed says:

    At last!! Fantastic news about the CEC repeat options!


  9. backslash says:

    So far smooth sailing with the new release. Thank you guys!

  10. ikosa says:

    No news about Wetek Play CEC fix 🙁

  11. Henk50 says:

    Great update! My HP MCE OVU400102/71 with XBox remote is working again!!

  12. Fabian says:

    Thanks so much for this release!! Just updated my Intel NUC box …. 🙂

  13. skystar says:

    Screensaver fix applied?

  14. h0schie says:

    I installed a Pulse-Eight CEC Adapter in my new NUC (Kaby-Lake) …
    My TV-remote is working and i can control libre-elec, but after 4-5 seconds the function is broken.
    With Win 10 and Kodi i got no problems with that.

    Can anybody help me please ?
    I tried many settings in the config, but i can not fix this problem 🙁

    – Intel NUC Kit NUC7I3BNH
    – 8GB HyperX DDR4-2133
    – Intel SSD 600p 128GB
    – Pulse-Eight HDMI-CEC Adapter
    – Teufel Cinebar 11 Soundbar

  15. Daniel says:

    Thaaank you guys.
    I updated to 8.0.0 and the average waiting time in UI was excruciating compared to Jarvis, now everything is back to normal!

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Jack says:

    Wifi doesn’t work. It connects but keep getting issues with connection timed out or connection failed. Makes the Pi useless as the Zero W doesn’t have Ethernet of course.

  17. stephane says:

    thank :)))
    with Confluance skin, Libreelec setting no longer appears in the system menu !
    How to fix that?

  18. Janos says:


    I have bluetooth problem on my raspbery zero w. It connects but in2-3 seconds the conection is droped. I tried two separate bluetooth headseats, same problem. Does anybody else have this? Can it be fixed somehow?

  19. Foradh says:

    Many Many thanks for your hard work!!!
    I have only one problem with the CEC since i changed to LibreElec. I use a Rasp3 with an Samsung TV and use the USB from TV for my Rasp. Now when my TV powers on i don’t want that the source is automatically changed to the hdmi from the Rasp. As the CEC Adapter had an older Firmware this worked fine with the following config. Switch off the “switch source to this device on startup” in the CEC Adapter Options which can be found in System Settings – Input – peripherals – CEC. I think since the CEC Adapter Version changed to this option is not working anymore. So when i start my TV an the Rasp will boot up, the TV will switch always to the hdmi where the Rasp is even of the option “switch source to this device…” is disabled. I asked for this issue in many german forums and their also others comfirmed this issue on LG TVs but no one has a solution for this. Could someone help me here?
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Jarno says:

      Im’ having this annoying problem with LG tv. This needs to be fixed ASAP. With 8.0.0 I was able to chace setting in CEC menu, but now there’s no affect whatsoever.

    • jakb says:

      look at the fat partition confix.txt

  20. Thomas says:

    Hi, thanks for some fantastic software, I can really see a speed improvement over 7.x.
    I have one problem however and it started with 8.0. For some reason the remove clicks twice in the user interface making it almost impossible to navigate through listes and menues. I did’nt have this problem with 7.95.3. Is there some kind of setting I need to set or is this a bug?
    I have a NUC with a Harmony remote.

  21. Donald Duck says:

    My Pi3, upgraded all the way from libreelec 16.1 over the time, still has problems with ntp after a reboot. Already had reported that for 17.0 release. Maybe one issue is that it has WiFi turned off, strictly ethernet based. After a reboot it sets to a time i consider to be the release date, and I have to log in manually and fire up “ntpd -d -p”. I.e. ntpd is installed, but not called in the bootstrap process. Where is the right place to hook it in, and can you please do that in the default distribution? Thx for the great software!

    • Donald Duck says:

      I’ve checked the systemd-timesyncd docs, and it may well be my setup with ethernet only and static IP falls trough the cracks. Docu reads “Further to the daemon configuration, NTP servers may also be provided via a systemd-networkd configuration with a NTP= option or, dynamically, via a DHCP server. “. 1) systemd-timesyncd and /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf are not included in libreelec 2) I am not using DHCP, 3) /etc/systemd/network/ isn’t present either.

      • Donald Duck says:

        Act 3 of my public learning curve, sorry for that. So i got it fixed with using another timeserver, pedestrian as 1st server did the trick. Had used (official German timeserver) before, which did not work. Two questions remian, though: 1) Why did the list did not fall trough to the secondary, which was, and 2) my clock is now set to UTC time, it is not aware of DST which began tonight. Here is what i get after a fresh reboot:

        LibreELEC (official) Version: 8.0.1
        LibreELEC:~ # date
        Sun Feb 26 17:34:05 CET 2017
        LibreELEC:~ # ntpd -d -p
        LibreELEC:~ # date
        Sun Mar 26 21:24:47 CEST 2017

        Kodi Settings for timezone are Berlin.

  22. Madd Macc says:

    Hi I am new to libreelec, used openelec some time ago, but now libreelec,
    So my question is, can I add another build to play with on this, eg: I like Hard NOX build,
    I have tried, but on reboot, it comes back to ” Factory defaults ” ????
    Please advise

    • chewitt says:

      You need to do a hard reset via LE settings. It’s the only way to correct problems with most “builds” that cause problems.

  23. tomfu says:

    This update seems to have largely resolved the performance problems I had previously with 8.0.0 on RPi1.

    Fast update. Much thank.

  24. hef311 says:

    Wi-fi on RPi3 does not work nearly as well on 8.0.1 as 8.0.0. I first noticed when TV streaming with an HDHomerun barely worked on 8.0.0, and downloading 8.0.0 to downgrade topped out at 350KB/s.

  25. AB13 says:

    Does this update resolve the DVB issue with kernel 9 as changing to BOB deinterlace did not (FYI not using a Pi using a PC)? We were fortunate enough to have someone release a build with kernel 8 after the last release

  26. Pi Noob says:

    Total noob question, but which .gz version is for the Pi Zero W? Is it “LibreELEC-RPi.arm-8.0.1.img.gz”? Or the generic one? Or does it matter?

    I’ll be using Etcher to make the SD, if that matters.

  27. durmex says:

    system freezing after few hours on Wetekcore 🙁 need restart everyday

  28. raymond says:

    Is it available on an update channel yet?? If so, which one??

  29. macalek says:

    Problem with fusion (indigo) installer on wetek hub.
    Everything I try to install failed.After few tries hub freez.

  30. Rochemback says:

    I install this version in wetek play. Everythin works fine, but the restore function doesn´t work. I restore a previous backup and nothing happen.
    How i do a restore in this version?

    • chewitt says:

      On a hunch.. you took the backup on an older OE install where /storage/.xbmc is the path to XBMC so the restore worked but Kodi userdata lives in /storage/.kodi so you need to stop kodi and rename the folders and then start kodi again for the old data to be migrated. If that’s not it .. no idea

  31. Gracias says:

    Thank you very much for the hard work done, this version is the best for the raspberry 2, stable and fast. I love LibreElec !

  32. Magnitudo says:

    I’m upgrading my NUC from Libreelec 7.0.3 with tar file. I think the Addons27.db issue experienced with 8.0 is still there. After upgrading the screen remains black. Checking log thru SSH I read “ERROR: SQL: [Addons27.db] SQL error or missing database”. Full log here:

    Any help is much appreciated (I waited the 8.0.1 because I don’t want to delete the Addon.db file)


    • Magnitudo says:

      In the end, I reverted back to 7.0.3. I was able to delete the Addons27.db from samba folders and then I upgraded again. This time the upgrade was smooth. When started, Kodi prompted the addons no longer compatible (mainly skins). So far everything is working fine, remote included.

  33. Mark says:

    Please please please can somebody release a build for the week play 2 which has the driver for the Mygica T230C, emphasis on the ‘C’ crazycat has updated his drivers for it already so I guess it’s just a case of putting his updated drivers into a build which I have no idea how to do 🙁

  34. Holger says:

    I have problems with “Chromium” since upgrade to LibreELEC 8.

    On many sites i only see the:

    Aw, snap!
    Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.

    What is wrong with Chromium? It also happens with a complete new profile.

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