LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.0.1 for Pi Zero W

UPDATE (26/5): Please use LibreELEC 8.0.2 instead of this temporary release.

LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.0.1 is a limited release for the new Raspberry Pi Zero W built with Kodi v17.1-RC1 and updated firmware/drivers for the Pi Zero W WiFi and Bluetooth devices. This release allows Pi Zero W users to install LibreELEC and experiment before formal support for the Pi Zero W arrives in LibreELEC v8.0.1, which we expect to ship after Kodi v17.1 is released.

LibreELEC-RPi.arm- (info)

To install LibreELEC on a new Pi Zero W download the .img.gz file linked above and use the LibreELEC USB/SD Creator app to create a bootable micro SD card. It can also be used to update 8.0.0 installations where the Pi Zero W will boot and run but does not have WiFi and Bluetooth drivers.

If you experience an issue with LibreELEC on Pi Zero W hardware please report the problem via the forums.


50 Responses

  1. Özay Turay says:

    Can you please share an update package for those who have installed through NOOBS?

  2. chane says:

    is LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.0.1 compatible with raspberry pi 3 b ?

  3. Martin says:

    Where do you put the .tar file on the noobs version? is there an .update folder?

    • Martin says:

      Found it! For anyone else there is a .update folder (which is hidden) I mounted the sd card on a linux laptop.

      • Jason says:

        After extracting contents of archive, I get missing Kernel or system then it boots into 8.0.0.

        Any ideas?

  4. noone22323 says:

    What video types can the zero handle?

    • bledd says:

      I used to run a Pi1 as my media player in the kitchen, the menus were a bit slow, but once in the video, it was fine for regular 1080P videos. This with an ethernet connection though.

      Mine arrived today, I’ll test it tonight!

      Libreelec is so much faster than it used to be, so it should be ‘acceptable’

    • chewitt says:

      Pi Zero can technically play everything that a normal pi can play although 512MB RAM and lower clock speeds will have limits on the user experience. The main reason for pushing out this update is avoiding 500+ people posting in our forum saying the existing 8.0.0 Pi Zero image doesn’t have working wifi and bluetooth, not because we want to promote Pi Zero as an ideal LE device (which it is not).

  5. Daniel says:

    I love the work that’s been given to this software, and it seems like there is alot of ways to do so, like with kodi and recalbox, great job, it’s there a way to build moonlight to kodi? With out recalbox.. On raspberry pi.. I would love to see kodi system with GPS software for car owners..

    • chewitt says:

      There is a moonlight add-on in the LibreELEC add-on repo, but Pi Zero probably isn’t the best device to use for that kind of thing..

  6. bledd says:

    GUI struggles, but all of my videos played flawlessly.

  7. Tiziano says:

    Zero problems release! Installed in 5 minutes with Phat DAC by Pimoroni and working perfectly! Thanks guys!!!

  8. janco says:

    nice work

  9. Eamonn Bias says:

    I am totally new to this. But, I am struggling to get this up and running….even the image files seem to be against me!!
    I have tried downloading both files, the NOOBS version from here, and the ‘official’ version.
    Neither seem to boot…the machine just sits there, doing nothing.
    I am attempting to install on a RP1 Zero W.

  10. bledd says:

    What do you see on screen?

    Are your microSD cards real ones or fakes from ebay/amazon resellers? How are you putting the images onto the device? the USB/SD creator application linked to above should work.

    Possibly try it from another SD card adaptor or another PC. I’ve seen some problematic USB ports cause issues before.

  11. Eamonn Bias says:

    Thanks for your reply.
    Using SanDisk, 32 Gb cards….triedd using the USB/SD creator…maybe it is something I am doing.
    I get no output from the Pi, the screen remains blank for quite a while, then, just shuts down.

  12. Eamonn Bias says:

    Now all I get is this

    Error in prepare_sysroot:mount_common: could not mount /flash/SYSTEM

  13. bledd says:

    Where did you get the cards? They could be fakes, they look VERY convincing. Was the price far cheaper than Amazon (non reseller) prices?

  14. Eamonn Bias says:

    Cards were from local PC World. Paid the usual price for them…around £12:00 (UK) for them. Properly packaged.

  15. Eamonn Bias says:

    Now getting to the ‘rainbow’ screen then freezing…giving up….might just stick to Amateur Radio…at least I know what I am ding….

    • chewitt says:

      Seeing a large rainbow coloured screen means “failure to boot kernel” and is normally due to one or more of the following reasons; a) bad image, e.g. corrupt kernel or bad storage media, b) using the wrong image for the hardware, e.g. RPi2/3 hardware and RPi0/1 image, or c) poor power supply.

  16. Eamonn Bias says:

    Power supply is an official Raspberry one, outputs 2.5.A
    Image is downloaded from here
    Card has been reported as good using test software.
    Re-loaded, installed, working fine….not sure what I did wrong to begin with..
    Many thanks for everyone’s help here.

  17. PepeCobain says:

    I have same error i tried with v 8.0.0 and it works fine… But v doesn’t work .. if change micro SD class and i i use original Microsoft SD, It works but freeze after boot … I also tried fix file with 8.0.0 but doesn’t work .. i tried install with LibreElec SD Card tool and Win32 … I tried with img.gz and img … After i tried also noobs with .tar files but doesn’t work

    • PepeCobain says:

      Sorry i use T9 i want say original Micro SD .. T9 write for me “Micro$oft”

      • chewitt says:

        Active install stats clearly show there is nothing wrong with the image we’re distributing. Note that this image is for RPi 0/1 devices. If you boot RPi 2/3 devices with this image they will not work (wrong kernel and many other things).

        • PepeCobain says:

          Yes i know , i use Raspberry Pi zero w but don’t work !! I have tried download again but don’t work and isn’t corrupted . Please check this version v … Why version v 8.0.0 works fine in Raspberry Pi Zero W and v don’t work ?

  18. bledd says:

    Any recommendations on a really basic skin? Estuary seems too heavy for the Zero, having to load images etc in the main title screens really kills the performance.

  19. alwi says:

    I have same problem, card does not boot after writing LibreELEC-RPi.arm- image with LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32. Nothing, nada. Good card, had noobs on it previously – worked fine.

    • PepeCobain says:

      Not work for me sane error with noobs 🙁 .. why version 8.0.0 work and has this error ? 🙁

    • alwi says:

      Looks like video issue – libreelec running but no screen output. Will need to find out how to force it.

    • alwi says:

      Doh! Was the cable that came with the Pi Zero W kit (from ModMyPi – they really should sort this) – did not fit well enough. Removed the ‘lip’ round the end with craft knife. Solid now.

  20. steve matthews says:

    loaded this on a new PiZ W tonight but I see no connections, it says the wireless is active, any ideas?

    • chewitt says:

      Is the router configured for Channel 12 or 13? .. without some extra manual config the pi wireless driver doesn’t see those channels.

  21. Envagyok says:

    Installed this release.
    Sadly wifi work, but no Bluetooth adapter found, and sometimes restart kodi.

  22. K. Mattern says:

    I just upgraded from 7.0.3 to 8.0.0 and the Pi0 with IoT phat is working on wifi, in dmesg I see some bluetooth messages but bluetooth doesn’t work.
    [ 113.306976] NET: Registered protocol family 31
    [ 113.306982] Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized
    [ 113.314120] Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized
    [ 113.314153] Bluetooth: L2CAP socket layer initialized
    [ 113.314222] Bluetooth: SCO socket layer initialized

    The IoT phat has the same chip as the RPi3, which is also the chip on the Pi0w. So: can you provide an upgrade.tar?

  23. Mantabernd says:

    Yes same here, just installed but no bluetooth adapter found.
    Wifi works fine, but bluetooth not.

  24. Nuno says:


    I received my PI Zero W. I already have a image in the microsd card, but how am I able to access the interface without a keyboard or mouse to configure the device?

    Can I configure the PI Zero W headless before booting like we can do with raspbian?
    Are there some files I can change to setup at least the wireless connection and the http server so I can with Kodi Remote/Yatse?


    PS: The recaptcha in the forum isn’t working!

  25. Govinda says:

    I installed libreelec after hitting issue once due to wrongly formatting the sd card. SD card needs to be long formatted (not quick format) with fat32 and then the image worked.

    • chewitt says:

      The USB/SD creator app overwrites the boot sector of the card nuking all existing format or partitioning on the card .. meaning pre-formatting is irrelevant.

  26. Marko says:

    Hello eveyone,

    will this work on pi zero v1.2 ? That is version without wifi. I am using usb wifi dongle.


  27. Kai says:

    Kodi 17.1 is out… How about a new libreelec Release?

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