LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.009 ALPHA

LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.0 preview builds continue with v7.90.009 containing Kodi v17.0-beta6 with a major “look and feel” overhaul to Estuary, the new default Krypton skin. The revised version known as Estuary v2 has more visual depth (is not as flat in appearance) and should be less of a visual shock for users making the switch from Kodi Jarvis/Confluence. Favourites have now been promoted to a main menu item and fanart is more visible than Estuary v1 when browsing in library views. We think it looks great and offer our congratulations! to the Kodi skinning team. Kodi v17-beta6 also refreshes the Kodi web interface with the new Chorus 2 web skin (also a huge improvement) and includes a number of sync and timing enhancements for Amlogic devices that should provide more stable playback with interlaced and live-streamed media formats.

Changes in v7.90.009 include:

  • Fix tar unpack issues in busybox
  • Fix WeTek Play 2 recovery image to resolve Android reinstall issues
  • Fix memory leak issues with libass (update to 0.13.4)
  • Fix alsa IEC958 (S/PDIF) presentation of Hifiberry Digi devices
  • Fix temperature sensor support in WeTek Hub and WeTek Play 2
  • Fix samba disk size/allocation reporting on Windows 8.x+
  • Update to libCEC 4.0
  • Update to LibreSSL v2.4.4
  • Update Intel GPU driver to v1.7.8
  • Update Intel iwlwifi-firmware drivers
  • Update DVB drivers for WeTek Play 2
  • Update to Linux 4.8.12 kernel for Generic and Raspberry Pi
  • Update to Linux support patches for Raspberry Pi
  • Updates to Linux 3.14 kernel for Amlogic aarch64 projects
  • Update to LibreELEC settings 0.8.5
  • Update to Kodi v17-beta6 including Estuary v2 and Chorus v2
  • Change WeTek hub to use lirc instead of amremote
  • Add additional devices ID’s to Realtek RTL8812AU driver
  • Add kernel support for Docker on Amlogic aarch64 devices

View detailed changes on GitHub


The popular WeTek Hub box ships with a small and simple remote and many users would like a larger remote with more feature buttons. To accommodate this we are testing a switch from amremote to lirc which allows the on-board IR sensor to be configured for other remotes. These changes remove the Airmouse function which has little use under Linux, and the ability to power-on the device from the remote. We consider power-on important and are investigating changes to restore that capability.


CEC control is not working in the WeTek Play (1) and WeTek Core projects since Kodi bumped libCEC to v4.0.0, but after a month long wait for Kodi v17-beta6 we felt it was better to release v7.90.009 and get feedback on other changes than wait even longer for the fix. If you need CEC remote functions on these devices please do not update to v7.90.009. Update: ~2 hours after release the fix is submitted, but you’ll have to wait until next release.


There are now add-on repositories for v7.90.001-008 releases (old version of LibreSSL) and a new one for v7.90.009 and newer (new version of LibreSSL). We will not be maintaining two repos, so the older repo is now frozen to change and users must update to v7.90.009 (or newer) to receive future add-on updates. After updating to v7.90.009 Kodi will automatically disable inputstream.smoothstream and inputstream.mpd as these are superseded by inputstream.adaptive which you will need to install for some streaming add-ons to continue working. The new repo also removes Kodi ADSP add-ons as ADSP features are not complete and will be moved to Kodi v18. The new iConnect add-on allows a LibreELEC device to use network services from a USB tethered iPhone.


LibreELEC operates a 24-hour ‘canary’ period between release files being posted for download and the release being available via auto-update. During this time Krypton users can update manually using the LibreELEC settings add-on. Jarvis users can update using the older .tar file method.

New installations using the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator app

LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Linux-32bit.bin (info)
LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Linux-64bit.bin (info)
LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.macOS.dmg (info)
LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32.exe (info)

New installation using 3rd party USB or SD writer apps (.img.gz)

LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-RPi.arm-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-imx6.arm-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Core.arm-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.aarch64-7.90.009.img.gz (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play_2.aarch64-7.90.009.img.gz (info)

New Install to WeTek internal NAND (.zip) (info) (info) (info) (info)

Manual Update from LibreELEC 7.0 or OpenELEC (.tar)

LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-RPi.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-imx6.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Core.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Hub.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)
LibreELEC-WeTek_Play_2.arm-7.90.009.tar (info)


If you spot issues, please flag them via a bug report in the forums. You are also very welcome and encouraged to get involved and submit fixes via GitHub!

152 Responses

  1. Mr smith says:

    Excellent, imx6 support is still there.

  2. Ben says:

    Since Kodi 17/LibreELEC 8, I can honestly say, the two have become a dream team…. no, THE dream team, no wait, the only team ever to play on my Pi3. You guys rock the HTPC world alone! Thank you so so much!

  3. jeff G. says:

    Not a big fan of Estuary v2. The top categories row is a total waste of space which limits the screen to 4 (four) .. did i say 4 video selections. The selections at the bottom are cut off which looks like their is a problem with my screen. Luckily the classic Estuary skin will be available. I really hope this eye sore of a skin is not the final desire of the skin developer.

    • trent says:

      The categories row is limited to 4 so that the icons line up perfectly with the posters below. It creates a consistent grid which is a much more logical layout compared to the previous one which was a grid with horizontal row stuck on top.

      • trent says:

        Also you can edit these categories with video node editor – add custom ones, re-order them, remove some etc.

        So you can make sure your 4 most used categories are always the first on screen.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, it looks like too low resolution used.

  4. Alister says:

    Tvheadend HTSP Client not compatible

  5. Marc says: not compatible

  6. Cameron VanNatta says:

    The skin feels more polished, but as others noted there is less content on the screen. It’d be cool if we could manually adjust the size to our own liking, but I’m completely ignorant of the coding effort that would involve.

  7. Mark says:

    cannot install pvr addons seems like repository was not updated

    • Mark says:

      Actually deleted addons.db (on all 3 machines) and now all works.. must have kept something funny in between builds..

  8. Spencer says:

    Absolutely love Estuary v2. Really makes the 10ft interface come to life.

    Thanks for keeping LibreELEC up to date and following the betas closely!

  9. TTRR says:

    The favorite menu is much better. However, I like Estuary v1 more … can I change that? In the first moment I thought that the picture had to be recalibrated. The covers and menu items are cut off.

  10. stormtroller says:

    can we update from 7.9.008 to 7.9.009?

    • Klojum says:

      As always, there is a 24-hour grace period before the auto-update function comes alive. Those who are impatient can download and implement the updates manually.

  11. Michael says:

    no pvr clients in repo available, live tv down 🙁

  12. Sebastian says:

    VNC Server doesn’t work. I can’t install another addon.

  13. trent says:

    Estuary V1 gave me eye strain to read some text like plot details. Estuary V2 is much better.

  14. Andreas I. says:

    Wow this update is amazing. (I came from alpha008 on an Odroid C2)
    All Plugins worked directly without doing something:
    – nice working Live-TV with TVheadend4.2 server / Tvheadend client
    – Software-Deinterlace works fine now
    – Hyperion just works as before (sadly the flickering bug on Hardware-Accellerated MPEG-2 Streams still exists)
    – nice looking/working Skin

  15. Bob says:

    Is there is any possibility of getting an updated Linux kernel for the Wetek Play (1) please? It has been stuck on 3.10 for what seems ages.

    • chewitt says:

      Nope. Bumping the kernel for the MX platform would be a massive undertaking and it’s not something we would ever consider. It’s a task that would need to done by Amlogic, and while they are actively funding a developer effort to improve mainline kernel support that work focusses on their current S9xx platform. If we are lucky a lot of that work will also support a bump for S8xx chips which have a lot in common with S9xx, but the older MX platform in the Play(1) is quite different and not in scope for any attention.

      • Tim says:

        Ugh, the Wetek Core, which is what I have uses the S8xx chipset. I picked it up thinking I was getting something that would be future proof, but apparently not. Sigh.

  16. Snuggles says:

    Just installed your update and i have to say I really do like it.

    Nevertheless, I have a thing that bother me…
    In the main movie screen the “in progress movies” are listed in the first row, “recently added movies” are in the second.
    Is it possible to hide the “in progress” section or reorder the different rows.

  17. Knoeterich says:

    When will 8.0 released? 2020? ALPHA since 6 month, c’mon.
    Just kidding guys. 😛
    Keep on the good work.

    • chewitt says:

      Kodi declared beta a little early this time around and 17b6 is the first beta release where they stopped making major plumbing changes. The current upstream expectation is 17b7, 17rc1, then if all is good 17.0, so likely to be at least one more LE alpha build and a beta, then 8.0.0 final. I’d expect a finished release in January not before.

  18. Marciano says:

    On odroid C2 if i select sync playback to display videoplayer use not passtrough but i get multichannel.
    When playin a movie with DTS HD MA i get multichannel.
    What are the right settings to get passthrough with sync playback to display on?

    If i not select sync playback to display i videoplayback is stuttering..

    And with Live TV i only get multichannel even when sync playback to display is off
    Is ac3 5.1 with Live TV still WIP?

    Thanks guys!

    • chewitt says:

      Passthrough requires Kodi to use the media clock for sync but SP2D requires Kodi to use the device clock for sync. In Jarvis and earlier the VideoPlayer implementation is technically broken so you get passthrough output with device clock, but in Krypton this behaviour has been corrected so enabling SP2D explicitly disables passthrough and you will see PCM output for the configured number of channels (default is 2.0). If you want a more detailed explanation of things .. please post in Kodi forums where the responsible devs can reply. It came up a bit earlier in the Krypton dev cycle so there are probably existing threads; maybe not on C2 but it’s not a device specific thing.

    • bandola says:

      According to this thread on the Kodi forums: “sync playback to display” makes no sense with passthrough audio. So you could turn that option off if you use passthtrough audio.

      No idea why your video playback is stuttering though, I’m having no problems with that on Odroid C2 using LibreELEC 7.1.0 (haven’t tried this Alpha yet).

    • Frank says:

      Try setting “Threshold for pitch correction” to 100 (System Settings > Audio).
      The stuttering disappeared on my PI2 and I can use Passthrough again.

  19. Perentaart says:

    Great work guys! Big fan of your hard work. Really love LE and Kodi.

    Since last release I seem to be missing ‘mark as watched’ etc. I have a multiple profile setup. Known issue or should I make a topic?

  20. nym says:

    My SkyGo addon isnt Wirkung anymore!
    The streaming addons which Sky is depending have Bern deactivated. Why is that??

  21. marantz says:

    pulse cec usb on generic doesnt work anymore, it loads and shows up in kodi log but doesnt respond

  22. Joss says:

    Great job ! Can’t get enough !
    Thanks to everybody that’s putting in the work. Excited to see the future of kodi it’s worth every penny or should u say nickel lol

  23. mahrio says:

    Have been following the progress on the Alpha Nightly, awesome work Librelec team.
    Everything working on a Intel Nuc (Tvheadend HTSP and Tvheadend addon 4.2 100% working)
    As someone stated above, can we adjust the size of posters that Stuary v2 shows on the main panel?
    Thanks and will keep following the Millhouse`s nightlys to see the progress

    • chewitt says:

      You can try reporting that to Kodi skin team (via the Estuary v2 thread in Kodi forums) but they’re a tough crowd that are used to users objecting to their changes.

  24. Mediacenter says:

    Great Job! When Comes passthrough back for Simply IP TV Client? I still have no Dolby Digital when i play streams with AC3 5.1 Track! Just PCM on AV Receiver Shows up! Passthrough via mkv files works perfect! With Kodi Jarvis 6.1 it was working fine!


  25. Hal says:

    On Odroid C2. Something changed with CEC input, maybe to do with the LibCEC lib upgrade, but the sensitivity of input greatly increased with this 009 vs 008. If i navigate with remote, it double inputs very easily and repeats really fast. I had to use and in the advancedsettings.xml to fix.
    Other than that, it works great. I’m one of the ones who think Estuary V2 home screen is WAY TOO ZOOMED in. I don’t have the greatest vision, but holy cow.. them graphics are HUGE even 8 ft away from TV. It’s even worse on the desktop, where i can’t click the second row of posters unless they’re scrolled up which is almost impossible to do with mouse wheel. Luckily we can use v1 of Estuary though.

    • Hal says:

      * html tags got cut off.. I meant to say, use REMOTEDELAY and REMOTEREPEAT options in advancedsettings.xml.

  26. Aviad says:

    HI, Libreelec is great!
    One question, with version 7.90.009 , I don’t know if it is related to Libreelec or Kodi,
    when using “Match refresh rate to playback” the audio is out of sync (quarter of sec later to video) with bit-streaming.
    trying everything…

  27. Michael says:

    Hi everybody!
    I have the problem, that the loading/buffering time in IPTV Simple Client is drastically increased since LibreELEC 7.90.008 (or Kodi 17.0 beta 4?) on a RPi3. Last night i tested the latest LibreELEC 7.90.009 and the problem already persists.
    With LibreELEC 7.90.007 (which includes Kodi 17.0 beta 3) all Stream URLs loads 10 times faster.
    Another new problem is, that some Stream URLs never start to play. The loading circle turns around and never disappears.
    I am using a self made list with only official German Free TV Channels where the URLS (m3u8) works absolutely fine in VLC and till LibreELEC 7.90.007 without problems like geoblocking or the need to use VPN.
    So, can someone answer my question if that is a (known?) LibreELEC, Kodi or InputStream problem? Someone else with that behavior?
    Thanks in advance and special thanks for that awesome piece of software!

    • popcornmix says:

      Create a trac ticket ( with a debug log and a (legal) URL and there’s a good chance of it getting fixed.

    • solfood says:

      everything is working great except I cannot connect to the repository to install Weather addons etc. Is there a fix for this? I’m running the generic 86 version on an Atom processor.

      • chewitt says:

        There’s no fix because there’s no problem. We don’t host any of the Kodi Weather stuff so maybe the Kodi repo was offline for a moment or something weird is up with your ISP or network. It’s basically nothing to do with LE 🙂

  28. Mohamed says:

    Does this version include DVB drivers for the StarHD

  29. giga says:

    Geniatech HD Star DVB-S2 USB2.0 not working with tvheadend … is there any solution for that shit

  30. Holger says:

    can not update any addon since beta 8. sorry, but this isn’t good work.

    • vitorp07 says:

      Probably because the repositories in your system for these addons are not up to date or maintained by their creators.

      • Holger says:

        no, it was my fault because i connected the kodi tmp folder with the system tmp folder. now i have again just a normal kodi tmp folder. thanks for your reply.

      • Holger says:

        no, it was my fault because i connected the kodi tmp folder with the system tmp folder. now i have again just a normal kodi tmp folder. thanks for your reply.

  31. Tahrir says:

    Not sure I’m liking Estuary, not version 1, not version 2. I keep going back to Eminence 2. However I’m grateful for the updates.

    VDR not working at all now, though. No Live TV for me 🙁

    • foo says:

      PVR works fine (DVB-C) with VNSI client. Fresh install though.

      • Tahrir says:

        Ah. Weird. I don’t want to have to fresh install. Maybe if I remove just the VDR components, and re-install? i’ll try that. Are you on a Wetek? Maybe it’s a device specific issue?

  32. BugFound says:

    Found a bug, after live boot entering wifi password, system reboots. Happened twice in three times.

  33. pf90 says:

    Pulse Eight CEC adapter isnt’t working the right way anymore since the update to new alpha version on my generic Gigabyte Brix.

    Audio seems to work and ist is switching to the right channel on my AV Receiver. But there is no more video shown.

  34. elfurbe says:

    I got hit with a partition too small error coming from 008 so I’m unable to update. “Your System (FAT) partition is too small for this update” That’s odd wording to me, but I’m assuming it means the ext4 FS mounted on /flash is too small to hold the SYSTEM loopback file? I’ve had OE/LE for a long time, my /flash partition is only 230M.

    Just curious, did the size requirements change with this release? Might be worth noting in the changelog if so. Not looking forward to nuking my whole rig to get the update but them’s the breaks I guess.

    • Klojum says:

      The requirements for the system partition size have gone up recently. The bigger system partition size is simply necessary as LibreELEC, like most applications, grow in size over time. Older installations from LibreELEC and OpenELEC are likely to encounter this problem.

      There are basically two ways to solve this.
      – Make a full backup via the built-in Backup/Restore module, store it on a safe external location
      – Install the newest LibreELEC fresh on your box.
      – Restore your backup onto your box.

      Alternatively, if you know what you are doing, you can use the partition tool Gparted.
      – Make a full backup via the built-in Backup/Restore module (just in case).
      – Resize both partitions as necessary: System partition to 512 MB, storage partition size to your discretion.
      – Update LibreELEC via the internal Update mechanism
      – The box is ready to go.

      An announcement on this is already being prep’d for the next release.

      • foo says:

        This hit me, too.

      • Ryan Oneglia says:

        Thanks! Backed up, reinstalled over existing , and restored. Worked perfectly.

      • BALLSUM says:

        Awesome, converted from OE to LE with restoring backup.
        I had a little hiccup though, plugin conversion hang.
        After deleting and a reboot everything was fine.

      • elfurbe says:

        Thanks for the clarification/remediations.

        I decided to give gparted a try before I went the wipe/reinstall/restore route. Booted an Ubuntu LiveCD from USB, used gparted to shrink/move the storage partition by a few hundred MB at the front and enlarged the system partition to fill the empty space, all in-place. When I rebooted after the partition adjustments, the updater kicked in as expected, installed 009 and rebooted me back into LE. Easy-peasy. I took the system partition to 600M, hopefully that’ll be sufficient for a while.

  35. Michael says:

    since v7.90.009 live tv does not working anymore because there are no PVR-Clients available in the libreelec addon repo and my TVHeadend Client Plugin was automatically disabled. due to your hint above with new libreelec repositories for v7.90.009 and above, are there any manual steps necessary to get the PVR-Clients back? I have searched for updates manually for the libreelec addon repo but no PVR-Clients appear, i have only Addon-Repos, Services and Program-Addons as categories available. How can I fix this? ist there a way to add the new libreelec addon repo manually via zip-file or something else?

  36. Fred says:

    TVHeadend problems
    Simple refresh did not help me.
    Moving the db file, restarting, refresh, actualize the plugin, helped at the end

  37. Martijn says:

    After updating from alpha 8 i cannot copy files from within Windows trough the Samba share to my exal harddrive. When i try this, the whole thing just freezes. Does anyone else have issues with Samba shares / External drives?

    • madman1602 says:

      I can confirm this problem.

    • Luke says:

      I have this problem too:(
      Everything works ok on android phone and in Linux systems but in Windows 10 everything just freezes 🙁
      Best regards

      • Luke says:

        I forgot to say that I have Wetek CORE.
        Also there is stuttering in video files (on previous alpha this problem was also known).
        New skin is very good. I missing the file manager shortcut on main screen and I thing some tiles are to big. Other changes are very good and I think everything is going in good direction.
        Best regards

    • Martijn says:

      The problem is with my PI2, it works if sending files trough SSH, but this is verry slow. I tried to fix it with some samba.conf changes postet in forums but no luck, other then in this article, i cannot find anything about this issue. Thinking about clean install.

  38. Andreas says:

    thanks for your great work. This release is the best one for Odroid C2.
    But there is still one thing I am missing.
    3D auto-switching is not working. Are you planning to implement this feature?

    • Andreas says:

      To clarify my request: I would like that the TV switches to 3D Mode when starting to play a 3D movie.

      • Vince says:

        i thought 3D was not support on odroid C2, but i’ve got one request about this, is it planned to work on 3D content (iso + 3d MVC framepacked)? it’s the only point that make me keep my Pi3.

        Anyway Odroid C2 release is working good.

  39. Karim says:

    after updating to LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-7.90.009, the tinc service (Addon) don’t work.
    I tried to remove and install again the service but still not working. please advice me solution!

  40. Dizie says:

    Just updated from LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-7.0.2 and missed the libraries (both music and video libraries). Tried to rescan (several times), re-added the file source (an attached HDD), rebooted… When rescanning (adding files to libreary in the context menu) the progress bar appears and takes its time, but nothing shows in the Music tab, neither albums or artists…
    Any help would be welcome!

  41. Mitchell says:

    Good update, now I can finally play music and view a picture slide show at the same time.

  42. Archmage says:

    The last update did turn the skin from nice and handy into ugly and clumsy.

    Instead of showing 4 x 3 columns it is only showing three pictures correct. The rest is cut out. Is there any way to downgrade the skin?

  43. Roel says:

    How do you go to the current playlist ? Using Rpi3.

  44. Tor-Erik says:

    Well i hate the new Estuary v2 skin.. to bad since absolutely loved the old one… While v1 felt like a proffesional and fresh looking skin that used the screen real estate in a good way the v2 has gone over to a terrible font and wastes screen space all over the place. It’s also so much harder to read and get an overview over things….

    Hopefully one can select the better v1 some day…

  45. clone says:

    Hey Guys,
    do you know why the xbox 360 doesn’t work anymore?
    when i go to input controller settings the system does a reload.

  46. Alkuimista says:

    Great Job Guys!!! Pi2 running fullspeed no issues here… better than ever! keep up the good work! thanks

  47. Bite Your Idols! says:

    I love new estuary version!!
    But one thing… nine releases after we are still experiencing the same standby-buetooth issue:

  48. Gary Champion says:

    updated to 009 a few days ago, works but Kodi remains so unstable. TOP shows it chewing up 1.6GB of memory then locking up Linux, until I SSH in and restart Kodi, so deffo Kodi. Not stable enough yet in my view. Im using a X8300 X64 Cherry Trail box 2GB mem/32GB MMC.

  49. mat says:

    I had a few issues with v7.90.009 so switched back to v7.90.008 which works great.
    On RPI2 with hdd attached on USB with v7.90.009:
    1. 1080p movies do not run smoothly, every 5 minutes system stops and restarts automatically
    2. Refresh library does not work, new episodes on TV Show are not identified
    3. Subtitles addon (for download subtitles when playing movie) does not work

    Probably those are kodi issues, but hope it helps just a bit to better version.

    • Hal says:

      In regards to no 2., you were most likely trying to refresh your TV library when the (where it scrapes the info) was under a DDOS attack on their site. This started a couple days ago, and I believe it is all resolved now.

      • mat says:

        Thx Hal, could be the reason.
        And in regards to no 1., the same movie does not run smoothly neither on previous versions, so it is not version related. Movie is encoded in x265 HEVC and obviously RPI2 has not enough power to decode that.

  50. Gary Champion says:

    Other thing worth mentioning is that there is no HDMI ‘pass through’ settings available from system/audio menu? ALSA HDMI is availbale, but thats it, ‘Audio pass through’ is just a title, no settings for DD 5.1/DTS etc available :(, so 2.0 at best as far as I can see, or rather hear!

    • chewitt says:

      And if you switch to Advanced or Expert settings mode?

      • Gary Champion says:

        Thanks for replying @Chewitt.

        Tried swapping adv/exp etc, nothing different, GUI Sounds, Audio pass through, Audio DSP. NO settings shown within Audio Passthrough. 🙁

  51. Bite Your Idols! says:

    Another issue detected: I can’t download/install addons from LibreELEC repo but I can do it from Kodi’s and another ones…

  52. Bo Jansson says:


  53. Michael says:

    fuck me in the goat ass, PVR-Clients are back in LE add-on repo, don’t know what happened but thank you guys – great work!

  54. Tr says:

    Cant install Adens from the superRepo or other sources. Thank you for your help 🙂

  55. lukcinek says:

    Another problem on every alpha is weird freezing of Main menu when I don’t use my Wetek Core for about 2 days.
    Menu and all the system seems to work 2 frames per second:( I need to pull my wetec core AC to restart (after restart everything works fine for some time…)
    Any solution for my problem?
    I try updates and fresh install.
    Best regards and thank You for Your hard work

  56. Cricri0464 says:

    Hi, same thing here with my Core, Frozen After one or two days of inactivity and absolutely unusable with iptv ( both theadend and simple client )… Best regards

  57. Cavaradossi says:

    With LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.009 ALPHA i’ve noticed an issue with 4K/HEVC playback on my odroid c2. Playback freezes after a short while. It is possible to jump forwrds to another postion, then playback starts and freezes again.

  58. TycStyle says:

    hi Guys,

    I can not extract the img.gz file (data error in 7zip) and so the USB creator does not work as well. Any ideas what might be causing this?

  59. OpenElecWasntLikeThat says:

    It aint funny guys, you got CEC fixed in 2 hours yet no release. Need to buy separate keyboard or dump whole library now. Would you be so kind to release this fix for all souls out there or tell when next fixed release will be out?

    • Peter says:

      What was/is the issue?

    • chewitt says:

      The WP/Core fix is in but there are other issues that are not (still waiting for opdenkamp to resolve issues on the pulse8 adapter). Next release will be v7.90.010 which aligns to Kodi 17b7 ..which still has a couple of things to be resolved. Until things are done you can always downgrade back to 7.90.008 to have working CEC again.

      • OpenElecWasntLikeThat says:

        Hey chewitt, I was monitoring for Beta 7 every single day. Please the lords, release a new Alpha with CEC fixed please since B7 is out (today) Another weird issue I’ve encountered, my TV is switching to HDMI 1 even LibreElec is on HDMI 2 whenever it goes from sleep, boots up or reactivates. Can’t say if this is a unique behavior (just me) or a popular bug. Go, CEC, go!

  60. David says:

    upgraded to v7.90.009 appear to have some audio issues on E-350 platform. Need to change audio off generic and then back to generic to get audio to work. After a reboot need to do the same. Some top of the screen tearing as well…Raspberry version is working great, nice work!!!

  61. Mat says:

    Maybe it is Kodi related…
    I have two profiles, one for kids. Switching between profiles (esp. logoff) is very slow on versions v7.90.00x and sometimes system crashes during logoff. It needs 5 seconds and more to logoff.

    In version 7.0.2 it was fast.

    HW: RPI2

  62. Chris says:

    Did the latest update to .009 on my Raspberry Pi2. Great work! Now the centre Speaker works again when mixed to 5.1 PCM. Only thing that I noticed is that with 3D.MKV Blurays Files the Chapter Forward dons’t work. The picture Freezes.

  63. startv says:

    Fresh install alpha 009 on an Odroid C2, It’s difficult to playback MPEG-2 program(live tv with vu+/DVBviewer addon),sometimes OK, most times(90%) freezing then stopped.

  64. sabrex says:

    This didn’t seem to be mentioned in the changelogs, but it looks like 7.90.009 is the first version of LibreELEC that supports MPEG-DASH playback via inputstream.adaptive which in turn allows YouTube 5.3.6 and above to play streams in 1080p and 4K resolution! Fantastic!

    • sabrex says:

      Spoke without double-checking. It’s shown above right under the add-on changes section: “After updating to v7.90.009 Kodi will automatically disable inputstream.smoothstream and inputstream.mpd as these are superseded by inputstream.adaptive which you will need to install for some streaming add-ons to continue working.”

  65. Gopes says:

    I’ve been asking around other sites but no answer, when will we get the official release of Kodi 17/ Libreelec?

    • chewitt says:

      Next release will be v7.90.010 containing Kodi v17b7 .. then (fingers crossed) Kodi moves to RC and we can move to Beta. I’m expecting 1-2 Kodi RC (LE beta) releases before v17.0 appears so the current guesstimate is late January.

      • Gopes says:

        Sounds good, Just tried 7.90.009 and I love it. Could do without so many tabs (Movies, TV Shows, Pictures etc) but it’s nice to know you have that option of disabling some of them. The thing I really love about Krypton is there’s is no need for skins/builds anymore everything looks simple/elegant right from the get go. For now however I will go back to the stable release 7.0.2. 🙂

  66. Mike says:

    What is the difference between those two audio output settings?

    Audio output device:
    ALSA: snd_rpi_hifiberry_digi, S/PDIF
    ALSA: Default (snd_rpi_hifiberry_digi S/PDIF)

    I have Raspberry Pi 1 B+, HifiBerry Digi+ and LibreELEC 7.90.009.
    I have inserted dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi -line inside the config.txt.


  67. mzurhorst says:

    I just realized that my remote control is not working anymore after the upgrade to this alpha.
    It was working before and now stopped.

    The hardware is ok, the LED attached to the receiver board is blinking when a keypress on the remote is excuted.
    Anyone else with similar issues?

  68. Wesley Bakker says:

    Is there a way to remove the undervoltage warning on Pi2?
    its *** bullshit, i use the official adapter and cable and already swapped it but still…

  69. Allan says:

    Should there be a v7.90.010 alpha to go with Kodi beta 7?

    • chewitt says:

      It is currently in testing. If there are no major issues it will be released before Christmas. If there are any issues it will be delayed until at least 26th December as most of us are “AFK” spending time with family over the next few days.

  70. smp says:

    Will it be based on 4.8.x or 4.9 kernel? I’m having major issues with the latest Milhouse builds and it seem to be related to the new kernel 4.9.0.

  71. Jose Arcadio Morales says:


    any chance for ac3 5.1 with Live TV on Wetek Play with LibreELEC (Krypton) ?
    Even if sync playback to display off and passtrough is set ON still only PCM 2.0 (LibreELEC 8 DEVEL – Kodi v17.-BETA7 Krypton build by Kukharski)

    No problem with 5.1 audio on LiveTV on 7.0.2 version.

    Best regards

  72. Bayardo says:

    Runs smooth, except that after a while on my x86 laptop thats connected to my TV, the menus start to flash/flicker, main home screen doesnt seem to do it, but if i move around anywhere on the menu it flickers fast and haft the screen becomes unreadable, i’ve tried chaning resolutions or refresh rates but only fix is to reboot computer.

    this didn’t happen before on 7.0.2

  73. Jobinoy says:

    Is it just me or do others also have the problem, that scanning your movie library results in a lot of movies getting year 1969 – which is wrong! I have more than half of the movies showing year 1969 instead the real year.
    Going into information and rescanning that movie ignoring local information is getting the right year. But doing so on more than 150 movies is pretty annoying… Did anyone experience similar problems?