LibreELEC USB-SD Creator v1.2

LibreELEC USB-SD Creator v1.2 is released with initial support for right-to-left GUI localisation in Farsi (Persian) and Hebrew, the addition of Lithuanian and Asturian translations, fixes for writing to mmc devices, use behind a proxy server, and other minor issues seen on macOS sierra and Linux since v1.1.

The project team are really happy with the positive reviews the USB-SD Creator app is receiving in blog posts and social media, and website stats show app downloads/week now exceed the number of direct .img file downloads. It’s another little reason fuelling rapid growth in our active-install numbers.

If you would like to see a language added in a future release please visit the LibreELEC team page on Transifex to request it and (the important bit) contribute translated text strings. Requesting a language does not automatically translate it so if you missed that step please go back to add them.

Enjoy! 🙂

8 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Feedback from someone who understands Farsi (Persian) and Hebrew is welcome – we don’t have any experience with such RTL languages 🙁

  2. anthony stevens says:

    great thanks

  3. Smeulf says:


    Just as a note, the correct link for libreelec organisation on Transifex seems to be


  4. Mike says:

    possible Bugs (Windows 10 64 bit, app started with admin rights):
    – download function reports “no network”
    – after writing the image the animation of the progress bar won’t stop
    – the x86 Image is not bootable (tested with an SD card on a system that usually boots from SD)

  5. Mike says:

    I’ve just checked the boot problem (SD card/Windows 10) and I now can confirm:
    – image written to SD card using LibreELEC USB-SD Creator v1.2 does not boot
    – image written to SD card using Win32DiskImager does boot

  6. Peter says:

    Download function obviously needs network. If app report that then investigate what is wrong. No one ever reported anything like that. Maybe you need to use http proxy?
    If writing is not complete then I assume we can conclude that something went wrong. And image could not be bootable.
    Can you make me some screenshots of all this problems?

  7. Mike says:

    Test of v1.2, Build Date Oct 14 2016:
    – Download works (same machine, same settings)
    – Writing to image works
    – the animation stops after the writing has finished
    – Haven’t checked if the SD will boot yet…