Pirates Ahoy

In the last week we started to block specific accounts associated with add-on repos and “builds” that promote access to pirate content from following us, messaging us, tagging us in photo’s etc. on social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube.

We did this because piracy is not a fun, crazy or cool thing. If you associate us with pirate add-ons, builds and services, or the resellers and manufacturers who pre-load them, it harms our name and reputation.

Kodi maintains a list of known piracy add-ons. It is never comprehensive as pirate sites change, add-ons and builds die frequently, new ones appear. If you are unsure about an unlisted add-on or build, use common sense. If it promises free movies, telly and sports and is not related to a public catch-up service in your home country it is very likely to be a pirate source.

If you choose to pirate we will not judge, but please keep your choice private in online forums and social media. You are free to use our distro as you like within the laws that apply to you. We are free to refuse support to users of pirate add-ons. We will continue to defend our name and block those who promote them.

Thanks for your support.

15 Responses

  1. nym says:

    Good thing.

  2. Alexc says:

    Agreed, good stance to have. Association with piracy is not a stigma you’d want.

  3. Chris says:

    I am neither advocating nor condoning piracy.

    But if I understand you correctly, are putting conditions on the term “Libre”? Don’t you see this as a contradiction? What may be considered piracy in one country may well not be considered piracy in another. It appears that everybody is being painted with the same brush and you are punishing those who operate within the law of their country.

    Let’s face it without the plugins listed in the blacklists, Kodi is just nothing more than an interface to paid broadcasting services.

    I’ve been enforcing the law for decades and by doing so I also enforce peoples right to freedom of choice and speech, even if I disagree with them.

    Maybe the democratic board of LibreElec should have another look at the very ambiguous international term of ‘Piracy’ and instead of blacklisting those developers embrace their creativeness within the confines of your charter(s).

    IMHO: You’re all smart people, but don’t fall for the Hollywood hype that piracy is killing big media and artists like U2 or Beyonce. Think of it this way, if you were to ‘Truly’ enforce your philosophy, then all of the developers from communist block countries are committing piracy by developing plug-ins that circumvent their respective countries laws so those who are forbidden, can now see what’s really going on in the world.

    Thanks for reading.

    • chewitt says:

      There is no contradiction because “Libre” in our name stands for “free of the past” where a single person had absolute control over the management and destiny of the project. It has no other meaning. The project team believe strongly in individual rights of freedom and the article clearly states we are not taking steps to curtail personal choice. The article is about ensuring users understand acceptable use of our NAME. If we become positively associated with piracy our ability to attract and work with technical partners, contributors and other supporters is negatively impacted, which is bad for the long-term health and aims of the project.

  4. BeadlesAboot says:

    Remove the piracy and, IMHO, Kodi will die.

    It’s the truth and those who produce Kodi and the OS like Libre, Open, etc, know this and, while not condoning, rely on everyone on the blacklist to stay running and keep Kodi popular.

    Without it they may as well stop updating and producing OS and Kodi and pull the plug.

    • Ilya says:

      I’m not really sure that’s the case. I’ve been using kodi since it was called xbmp 2 and don’t even know what’s on the blacklist.
      I assume we’re talking all sorts of plugins for accessing internet streams etc, that doesn’t fit my usage scenario (and I’m sure many many others).
      I mainly use it for my offline media collection (the P-word doesn’t apply to this) and live tv. Unfortunately the YouTube/Netflix/etc experience tends to be better on my chromecast.

      I think kodi will continue as strong as ever with blocked piracy addons. I don’t believe they ever would but if they were *actually* blocked they’d simply lose a portion of their user base and still carry on as they are.

      I understand you point but I don’t feel that the actual media collections people have archived is relevant.

    • Ego says:

      So you’re saying the Kodi developers would cease work if a section of their users are no longer allowed to run pirate plugins? I’m not sure I see the logic

  5. Alexc says:

    Guys, I think you’re taking this the wrong way. Association with piracy can cripple any potential partnerships or options that come up in the future. I honestly think Libreelec distancing themselves from piracy is a good thing for us all.

    They’re not blocking piracy or piracy related addons, just not taking any part in it themselves.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. DarrenHill says:

    Well said. And good to know that all the members of the Kodi family are taking a united and consistent stance on the subject.

  8. BeadlesAboot says:

    Ahhh I’m understanding now despite my earlier comments.

    I guess anything that helps Libre to grow is a good thing.

    Go for it!

  9. nick says:

    Yep, good work. We are closely tied to the kodi project itself (developer crossover, LE often a testbed for kodi enhancements, viz Milhouse builds) so you’re not going to get a different policy here to that displayed by the XBMC Foundation.