Pirates Ahoy

Posted by LibreELEC on July 19, 2016 · 1 min read

In the last week we started to block specific accounts associated with add-on repos and “builds” that promote access to pirate content from following us, messaging us, tagging us in photo’s etc. on social sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube.

We did this because piracy is not a fun, crazy or cool thing. If you associate us with pirate add-ons, builds and services, or the resellers and manufacturers who pre-load them, it harms our name and reputation.

Kodi maintains a list of known piracy add-ons. It is never comprehensive as pirate sites change, add-ons and builds die frequently, new ones appear. If you are unsure about an unlisted add-on or build, use common sense. If it promises free movies, telly and sports and is not related to a public catch-up service in your home country it is very likely to be a pirate source.

If you choose to pirate we will not judge, but please keep your choice private in online forums and social media. You are free to use our distro as you like within the laws that apply to you. We are free to refuse support to users of pirate add-ons. We will continue to defend our name and block those who promote them.

Thanks for your support.

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