LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.002 ALPHA

LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.0 preview builds continue with v7.90.002 which is now available for Generic x86_64 hardware and Raspberry Pi devices. Other hardware platforms are still pending upstream Kodi development for Amlogic reaching a suitable point where we can start builds. Changes in v7.90.002 include:

Main changes:

  • Fix overlay folder creation in Raspberry Pi images
  • Fix option to disable samba via LibreELEC settings
  • Fix occasional first boot issues with /etc/machineid
  • Fix crackling digital audio with alsa and non-Kodi apps
  • Fix for null NTP values in LibreELEC settings
  • Fix support for DVD playback in Kodi
  • Update Linux Kernel to 4.6.2
  • Update Kodi to git master as of 10/6
  • Update RPi/RPi2 backports and firmware
  • Add HDMI audio support for Atom Baytrail/Cherrytrail
  • Add support for distro specific RPi/RPi2 config.txt
  • Add support for manual updates via LibreELEC settings (read below)

In this build we have introduced a new GUI for manual update in LibreELEC settings. If you disable auto-update you can select a release “channel” e.g. LibreELEC-8.0, and you will see a list of available update files. If you select a file it will be downloaded in preparation for our normal reboot > update > reboot process. We still have no plans to enable auto-updating for major releases, but this change will allow you to perform a manual update using a remote control from the sofa instead of requiring you to copy files over to the box.


LibreELEC operates a 24-hour ‘canary’ period between release files being posted to the download page and the release being available via auto-update.


Alpha builds exist for hands-on testing not a hands-off experience. If you run Alpha builds you must be willing to report issues via the forums and engage the LibreELEC and Kodi developers in hunting bugs. If you have no idea what a debug log is or “wife acceptance factor” is critical, these builds are not for you.

If you want to run Alpha builds please make a backup and store it somewhere safe (off-box) first. Your failure to make a backup is not our problem.

Enjoy 🙂


42 Responses

  1. Zeroq says:

    Can you please make a fix in next release for Quasar application? LibreELEC gets frozen when trying to play anything from Quasar. Thanks

    • chewitt says:

      I haven’t heard of Pulsar/Quasar before, but I doubt anything designed to stream media from torrent files has a copyright respecting purpose so we won’t be making an effort to support it.

  2. Matt says:

    Great to see manual update included!!
    Will help the less computer savvy users quite a bit 🙂

  3. Roel says:

    Autostart Playlist from skin still not possible, like in Openelec.
    \\ip-adres\Userdata\addon_data\skin.estuary\setting.xml normally showing up in this file.
    If you edit it here it is deleted by the system.

    Not possible to set the ip adress to manual.

  4. Atti says:

    wetek play version
      when to expect?

    • chewitt says:

      WP/WC builds should start with v7.90.003 (subject to sanity testing) now that Amlogic changes for Kodi have been merged upstream.

  5. Sogard3 says:

    How to update from 7.0.1 to 7.90.002? I need help because this is not a “.tar” file.

  6. Naidu says:

    LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.002 ALPHA has issue with DSP. if you enable from setting->audio->enable DSP. system will reboot and even after reboot also audio won’t work

    • chewitt says:

      ADSP is still in development on most platforms and changes for pi to make it work at all have only just been committed by Kodi devs. Expect things to improve with time 🙂

  7. Naidu says:

    is it possible to change mouse pointer with different size. now right it looks bit big in size.

  8. Sogard3 says:

    The Plexus Addon doesn’t work, is an important addon for me 🙁

  9. Smeulf says:

    Hello all,

    I had an issue with upgrade from v7.90.001 to v7.90.002 from inside Kodi : a tar file was downloaded, in the update folder, the box restarted, but no upgrade was done. I had to put the IMG.gz file manually in the update folder to upgrade.

    Hardware is Raspberry PI2.

    Could not get the logs, sorry.

  10. infinity85 says:


    the IMG.gz is only for new installations (win32Diskimager). You will need to wait for the update.tar to be uploaded for updating manually. Then this *.tar will have to be put into update folder and restart. The file will be installed automatically during reboot and it will be gone if you look into update directory after successful update.

    • Smeulf says:

      Yes Infinity85, I agree that should be the normal process. What I’m saying is that yesterday, LibreELEC told me an update was available , so I clicked ‘update’, it downloaded a tar file, rebooted, but did not upgraded. It was like if it wouldn’t either access the file or use it for upgrade. I was not able to remove the file from the NetBIOS share, I had to remove it manually through SSH. Did it twice, before I tried and successfully update with the IMG.gz file. My box was previously under Openelec, and I migrated it using a IMG.gz (stable) before I updated again using an another IMG.gz to 8 alpha 1, and then 2.

    • chewitt says:

      @infinity85: You are incorrect. OE can only update using .tar but LE can update from both .tar and .img.gz files (an enhancement we made to ensure the right result when users get confused on the file to use).

      • Smeulf says:

        @chewitt : seems there’s a problem with tar file for Raspberry Pi2. I went back to 001 using the GUI, but once again while trying to upgrade to 002 it fails. Here I can reproduce the issue. If you can point me put the right file to look at for the upgrade logs, I may find the reason.

      • infinity85 says:

        Oh! Thanks a lot for this correction / info! This is a really handy enhancement 🙂

  11. schumi2004 says:

    Can you upgrade/downgrade when running latest Milhouse builds?

    • chewitt says:

      There shouldn’t be an issue moving between Alpha and Milhouse builds. The GUI will only allow movement up/down Alpha builds. Further update tweaks in future Alpha builds should allow you to configure a custom update channel and then move up/down/between Alpha and Milhouse builds.

  12. nital says:

    I think there are a bug in the libreelec add-on: how I can save the netwok configuration? I want to use static IP (no dhcp) but the save button is missing in the page

  13. houser says:

    Just a +1 on what vital writes above. It seems there is no save button for network settings.
    keep it up though!

  14. Roel says:

    Is fixed ij the nexr update. See here above. I have it up and running bij editing a file manualy.

  15. houser says:

    The system settings are blank on all alpha and milhouse builds AFAIK.
    Just the top item in LE settings: “System”. The rest are seen and work as expected.

  16. houser says:

    FWIW, save button for network settings are back in milhouse build June 19th.

  17. Naidu says:

    Is there any command to update latest build through ssh command line ?

  18. Alternativende says:

    So i have just made the update to 7.9.02 on my NUC.

    I cannot open almost any settings from the system menu. No chance to open video, music, appearance and so on. Im using Confluence Zeitgest now but i wanted to to try Estuary.

    • chewitt says:

      The majority of Kodi skins are not “ready” for Krypton at the moment so if you want to run Alpha builds Estuary is recommended. If you use Jarvis skins; expect bugs.

  19. Jay says:

    Has any anyone tried to compile a full 64-bit version for RPi3. Would it make any difference in performance?

    • inspector71 says:

      most likely not. Benefit of 64 bit is extra memory addresses. Pi only has 1GB RAM and that’s well within the 32 bit address space.

    • chewitt says:

      It can be done but there’s no support for GPU decoding at the current time so there’s also not much point in doing it. And even if/when that becomes possible in the future it may take some time to reach the performance and maturity of the 32-bit codebase.