Thank You!

It’s important to say Thank You! to the users who donate towards the upkeep and long-term goals of the project. One small way for us to show appreciation is tagging forum accounts with a “Donor” rank so active supporters stand-out from the crowd.

In the last week we processed the list of donations received since March and tagged the forum accounts we could match by name, username or email address. If your account is not tagged please flag the date, amount and username to [email protected] and we’ll update your profile.

The list also reveals the top 10 most generous countries (in descending order):


The largest individual donation was $100 and the smallest was $0.01, but it all counts. If you would like to defend national honour by improving your country’s ranking (or have it join the list) our donation button is conveniently located below 😉

7 Responses

  1. Gadileth says:

    Well, i would like to donate. But i refuse to use Paypal at all.

  2. Nymus says:

    Just donated, thanks for you work!

  3. tomtomclub says:

    he men no paypal?

  4. tomtomclub says:

    sorry i see paypal, 🙂

  5. pf90 says:

    Just sent you a donation for the great work!