LibreELEC (Jarvis) v7.0.1 MR

It’s been three weeks since we published LibreELEC 7.0.0 so its time to roll-up fixes for minor issues in a maintenance release (MR). The list of changes is shown below. It’s a short list as the 7.0.0 release is proving to be nice and stable.

  • Fix (disable) power saving mode on RTL8812AU chips
  • Fix minor issues with SSL certificate paths
  • Fix for an EPG search issue (backported from Krypton)
  • Fix machine-id uniqueness on hardware with slow-loading network drivers
  • Fix boot splash aspect ratio on nVidia GPU systems
  • Update Kodi RPi-backport patch to address minor Kodi video issues
  • Update the LibreELEC add-on repo to use gzipped addons.xml
  • Add support for the Netgear WNA1000M v2 to RTL8192CU
  • Add support for bluez auto-pairing with DualShock3 controllers
  • Add LibreELEC RSS feed to Kodi (RSS remains off by default)


LibreELEC operates a 24-hour ‘canary’ period between maintenance release files being posted to the download page and the release being available via auto-update.


Tinc, Syncthing, Inadyn and Dispmanx (VNC for Raspberry Pi) have been added to the LibreELEC add-on repo courtesy of contributor Anton Voyl. LibreELEC team also added four bundle add-ons; System Tools, Multimedia Tools, DVB Tools, and Raspberry Pi Tools. These group commonly requested extra tools into four convenient packages making it easier for you to install, and easier for us to maintain.

Enjoy 🙂

28 Responses

  1. cabbresson says:

    Has the Real Time Clock been fixed in this also? see forum for issue.

  2. cabbresson says:

    Has the Real Time Clock issue been fixed in this also?

  3. Patrick says:

    Thank you for the new update 🙂

  4. Klampfer says:

    Thank you the update 😉

  5. Boooosh says:

    Anyone know if the bug fixes mentioned in the thread below, 2nd post, have been implemented in this version? Really frustrating issue.

    • chewitt says:

      If popcornmix backported the fix to his git repo the changes should be included, we updated the backports patch from his repo a few nights ago before building 7.0.1.

  6. Alexey says:

    hifiberry digi+ overlay still not working.

  7. JimmySmith says:

    Thanks for release! Btw, didnt you considering announcement thread on the forum? It is more convienient to keep track of replies etc. Anyway, will be soon on my Pis also 🙂

  8. inspector71 says:

    Not seeing the update yet. Can we get a timestamp when this canary period starts and ends?

    • chewitt says:

      Enabling auto-update is (and will remain) a human non-automated process so if we have a countdown clock we’ll just have people whinge when it doesn’t happen ~2ms after the zero time is reached. Just assume “24-hours since you read the news post” and your expectations are likely be met. Or do a manual update 🙂

      • inspector71 says:

        I was referring to a manual update attempt. If I waited to ‘see’ an auto-update I could see in the UI, I’d be waiting a very long time to see a visual difference in a MR 🙂

        FWIW the lack of a response to when a manual update has nothing to download, is not very good. That UX should be improved. Something simple like “there is no update available at this time:.

        • chewitt says:

          Mission understood. It’s something in our list of things to improve for the 8.0 release.

  9. Mattrix says:

    Anyone else see a lot of Journal errors on first boot (after resize) ?

  10. inspector71 says:

    Could we see a git log for this update?

  11. Markus says:

    thanks a lot !!
    running an odroid c2, found LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-7.0.1.tar in the odroid forum…
    but I don’t see this listed anywhere here as a download, nor is there a hash file.
    Now I’m reluctant to install it…
    any thougths ?

    • chewitt says:

      We froze the 7.0 branch to changes before C2 support was ready and we elected to make no exceptions once it was; adding a new device/project is a big deal. This means we can’t have an official 7.0 release for the C2 (an official build will come with 8.0) so the community build @wrxtasy is releasing becomes the de-facto (officially unofficial) endorsed build. I’m told it goes rather well 🙂

  12. Markus says:

    thanks for the incredibly quick feedback
    – and for the positive message in it 🙂
    looking fwd to V8 !

  13. Pete says:

    This is a great release seems very stable TvHeadend 4.2 a very much appreciated addition.

    I have got one bug but I think it a linux kernel thing as I had it with openelec and an ubuntu build I tried. As per I had to set a minimum cstate of 4 on a J1900 bay trail board.

    • chewitt says:

      I’d normally suggest trying a milhouse build which is on 4.6 kernel but the comments show a few reports on that version too, so not much we can do. If/when the upstream kernel folks ever acknowledge and fix the bug it’ll be picked up in a kernel bump.

  14. 2913 says:

    it feels like it react more faster then OE(openelec) like boots faster, going true files faster and more do i dear to say it, more stable

    • chewitt says:

      It’s human nature to believe the upgrade you just did made something go faster, but we’ll accept the complement anyway! .. spread the word 🙂